"Unapologetically Modest" as told by Christina

Hi Loves!! So , for this post, I have had the opportunity to partner with an amazing boutique called B.H. Grace Boutique, an online faith-based  boutique that is geared towards the inspiring women to express their style in  a modest, but modern and stylish way. The founder is conducting a series called “Unapologetically Modest” with this mission and I was so excited when this opportunity came along because this is the whole mission of this blog! I have always loved fashion and having grown up in the church all of my life, and as the daughter of a minister, I wanted to be stylish and fashionable, but do so in a modest way. B.H. Grace has an amazing line of clothes that are fashionable, comfortable, and stylish, while leaving you the opportunity to create your own look with the pieces.

The dress that I am wearing is the “Madison” maxi dress. I was immediately drawn to this dress because of the beautiful, bold hot pink color. I bought it in a 2X (yes, they do have plus sizes!) so that I would have room in it because it is a semi-stretchy fabric. It fit perfectly! I had plenty of space in the bust and the length was more than enough, which provided enough coverage on the bottom. I even had to hem mine because I’m a little short lol. But, it’s better to have more than not enough!

What I love about this dress is that it is so versatile. It can be dressed up with a nice cardigan and a pair of heels, dressed down with some Chuck Taylors, or in between as I’ve done here with a denim jacket and some floral wedges! And did I mention it has POCKETS!! Oh my goodness, every maxi needs pockets!! I can’t stress enough how comfortable this dress is. The fabric is breathable for this hot summer weather, but it is a nice weight, not too thin and very good quality. I would love to have this in multiple colors. This dress is literally a blank canvas and leaves so much opportunity for you to style it and make it your own. I decided to accent with navy blue, because I love pink and blue together.

"Modesty is not just about how I dress, it is a lifestyle. Modesty is about allowing God to be reflected in my life and in all that I do. Clothing is just one way. As a wife, to be modest is about being a light and a helpmate to my husband in a way that is honorable and in a way that is a direct reflection of how Christ loves the church. As a mother of both a son and a daughter, modesty is showing them what a Godly woman looks like, in her clothes and in her life. I am the example of the type of woman I want my son to marry and the type of woman I want my daughter to be".

- Christina (@classy_and_modest)