"Unapologetically Modest" as told by Victoria

Hello My Lovelies, I hope you are all having a wonderful Summer! These past few weeks have been crazy busy! Helping my sister plan for her wedding, getting ready for our Fundamentals Conference and Friend Day at our church, and catching a cold! Aside from all the craziness,  for today's blog post I am writing a review on B.H. Grace Boutique.

I received the Pop Of Floral dress which is a black free fall dress with an orange, blue, and yellow floral pattern.

Floral Midi Dress

This dress is made of very comfortable fabric.

The Pop Of Floral
dress is perfect because it already has sleeves, it has great coverage with the higher neckline and it’s below the knee. One of the challenges I have when I'm in search of modest clothing is finding dresses that already have sleeves or finding a dress that doesn’t need another shirt underneath to make it modest. Especially during the summer, adding more layers is not a great idea. I believe that one of the ways we show respect for ourselves and God who made us, is by clothing our bodies respectfully and beautifully.

Floral Midi Dress

I like that this dress and lots of the others in the shop have sleeves and a higher neckline so there is no need for extra layers. B.H. Boutique has many modest dresses and other clothing items that are very affordable. I highly suggest you check out their shop!

I hope you enjoyed and Until next time!