Styled For Christ

Saturday, September, 30, 2017, B.H. Grace attended the second annual “We Are Styled for Christ” charity event. As young adult women trying to find her way in the world, and living right for God, it is important to be exposed to ways of modesty: not just in dressing, but actions as well. Attending this benefit was just that type of exposure.

To witness the results of the confidence others had to be different and stand out from the ‘trending fashions’ of this day and age was nothing less than inspirational. And, this event was beautiful. Seeing how modesty can be worked into everyday living- from a casual day out, to working corporate jobs, and much more- gave a boost of confidence and a sense of pride for being made peculiar by God. It was a truly unique concept brought to life and shared among wonderful people. We can’t wait until next year!