Introducing GodDIDit by Kamace Nickerson

What is UP! B.H. Grace Family,

I am Kamace Nickerson, the humbled Owner, Designer and Co-Founder (to God) of GodDIDit_.Impact.

First, giving ALL glory and honor to God THE Creator! … of all heavens and earth! Also to His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, who has truly been my rock in a sure place and has shown Himself friendly and faithful in my life. I love the love of God. For that, I would also like to express my gratitude to B.H. Grace for allowing me to partake in their awesome journey of promoting modesty in a world where it seems people have lost sight of the importance of upholding standard and dignity in character both inwardly and outwardly.

Ever since I’ve come to know this amazing brand, I’ve been encouraged and moved by God’s love for which it stands. I’ve also come to the realization that in order to fulfill God’s purpose, we have to be willing to step out on faith. Most times in these moments we feel incapable, but it’s actually the exact opposite. God doesn’t provide vision with instruction, and instruction without guidance, and guidance without equipment to fulfill these things. This is what has helped me the most throughout this journey of launching out on faith when beginning GodDIDit_.Impact. We are a brand, intending to provide a platform of expression for those who have committed their lives to sharing the gospel. Within this brand, you can make purchase of apparel items, branded/customizable items, and share your story on how “GodDIDit” for you, your family, and friends via blog posting, photography, videography, drawings/paintings, or poetry.


Let’s Get Connected:

Instagram: gdi.impact

Facebook: GDI.impact



God Bless and Love Always.

Kamace Nickerson